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Adsense is that the 1st selection of the many knowledgeable  bloggers for their blog monetizing as a result of it's a discourse primarily based ad that shows relevant to the content. to extend the ad revenue webmasters attempt numerous ad spot on their web log to induce most output from their ad programs. you would possibly have determined a billboard below post title in most of the massive blogs. Why they like adding ads below the post title? it's as a result of the spot simply once the post title is that the best place to place ads to extend Click Through Rate (CTR). However you must not accept what different follows. You must keep making an attempt to feature adsense at numerous locations to ascertain that spot works best for you. return to our today’s tutorial that is regarding a way to show Google Adsense Ad below post titles in blogger.

Here is the process to put adsense ads below the post title
  1. First of all, you should create ads. You can choose google recommended ads size.
  2. Make new ad unit and choose  300*250 ad size for better result because it is recommend ad of Google.
  3. After that you should parse that code by using HTML PARSE TOOL which can be found in GOOGLE.
  4. Now Copy the parsed code from the parsed tool.
when you copy the parsed code then paste it in the notepad.
  1. LOG IN your blogger 
  2. Go to the template button
  3. You should back up your template for safety click on back up
  4. Click it and then click on HTML EDIT
  5. Now press CTRL+F and search <data:post.body/>.
  6. Now paste the given code after the <data:post.body/>.
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>Place your adsense code here </b:if> 
  • Replace the Place your adsense code here by your adsense parsed code
  • Then click on Save Template button
This place code can be place center, left and right of the post. This is one of the most valuable technique to increase the traffic on your blog. It's your turn to go on this tutorial and make your ads better.

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  1. thanks its working on my blog

  2. Very interesting article, your tutorial about online money making via Google adsense is really nice. Keep on continuing your good work. Digital marketing course in Chennai

  3. Thank Buddy for help .. easy to understand .

  4. Replies
    1. Is this your custom template or blogger default template ?

  5. Thank you so much now i can Increase RPM in Adsense by this U are awesome

  6. The template which i am using is just showing one time that tag and it is recommended that paste your parsed code just after or before of this 2nd time tag but it is now showing my ads on http://www.diwali2017images.online

    Please help me. Thank you !!!


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