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How to Make Dofollow Comment Blog

Do you want to make your blog dofollow comment blog? This question also arise when you want more visitors and more comments on your blog because most of the people want to comment on those blogs which are dofollow. Dofollow blog is that blog which induce backlinks for other. I will say next time about what backlink is. So the most bloggers and users want to comment on those blog and make backlink.

By the way, blogger blog is nofollow blog in default. Nofollow is not important for SEO. When you make your blog dofollow, you might get lots of comment as well as spam comments. So you should able to face with spamming because webmasters search dofollow blogs and treat them for backlinks. However, you get also lot of original comment if your blog is unique and good. In order to make your blog dofollow comment blog, just follow the given steps:-

Step 1: Lets enter into the blogger dashboard.
Step 2: And then just click on template and edit html.
Step 3. Now let just find the given code. Press C…

Displaying and Hiding Widgets of Blogger in Specific Pages

Hey guys, do you want to make your blog same like the websites? If you want, then you should modify your widget position and widget location in specific place only because there can be lot of widgets in your blog. So all of them showing in all the pages looks some what badly organized. Blogger does not have facility to arrange the widgets in particular fields but now here we are going
to write about some well tips for displaying and hiding your widgets in particular pages or fields.
It is easy to show and hide widget in particular pages in the blogger blog. Lets go through step by step solution to know hiding and displaying the widget in particular place.

Warning: Don't change any code of your template without keeping back up of that template.

First of all, add a widget by going in dashboard of blogger and clicking on layout then selecting the   html/javscript. After adding gadget, go to template and click on edit html.Now find the the name of that widget simply pressing ctrl and f.…

Add Image Icon Next to The Post Title of Blog

It is said that picture speaks itself. So as in our daily life picture is also important in web world. I mean to say that if you make your blog or site's looking good, then many unique visitors can also return in your blog or site. So that adding the image icon just before your post title may a good idea for increasing the visitors.
Here is some steps that you should consider to add image icon: 1. First of all you should make a good icon that suits your sits. Then you should upload it into and then copy the link of this picture. But your image icon size should be appropriate.

2. And then go to Dashboard and click on template>>edit html

3. Find the code below

<b:includable id='post' var='post'>
4. When you find this code then you should click on the left arrow seeing there to expand that widget code.

5. After that you should delete until you reach to <div class='post-header'>

6. And then paste the following codes in that pla…

How to Add Gadget/Widget Section Above the Blogger Title

Some bloggers want to add their adsense ads on the top of the blog. In that situation, they can use this method to do what want to. This trick can help them to increase their adsense earnings. Here you can see how to add gadget or widget section above the blog title.

First go to the template section and while you enter in your blogger dashboard. After that click on Edit Html.Then find the given code <div id=’header-wrapper’> or <div class=’region-inner header-inner’>. To find this code first of all press CTRL + F and paste the any above code.And then you can see the following code after any one of above codes.<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>Replace the value of green 1 into 3 and no into yes just like below<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='3' showaddelement='yes'>And then click on the save template button. Now you have done successfully.  Aft…