Basic Singular Tags: Basic HTML

In previous post we learnt about the basic text formatting tags. Now this time we here discuss some other significant tags of html which are basics but very important in HTML. We have already known that basically there are 2 tags: Singular and Plural tags. So lets know about some singular tags. As we know, singular tags are those tags which does not have companion and ends with back slash. Some singular tags are:-
singular tags html

  1. Line Break Tag (<br/>): This tag is only used for breaking the line. It breaks the line, then the cursor goes to next line.
  2. Horizontal Line Tag (<hr/>): Horizontal Line Tag draws line in the page horizontally. This is also very important tag. Using this tag, you can make your site look beautiful. Some of the attributes of it are width, size, color etc. 
  3. Image Tag (<img/>): img tag is one of the most important tag. It is used to put the image in the web page. Almost in all of the web page, you can see this tag because without image your site does not look friendly, so most of the designers use this tag. There are some attributes of img tag, they are: src, width, height, border, alt, title, align, etc. 

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