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Brasil Beats Chile on Penalties in World Cup 2014

Finally Brasil has been the first team of 2014 World Cup who gets into the quarter final. Brasil defeats to Chile in tiebreaker by 3-2. They play equal 1 and 1 goal during 90 minutes. The first goal was scored by David Luiz from Brasil and Sanchez scores a goal from Chile. And then after the added 30 minute's both can not score any goal. After all the game goes into the tiebreaker. And in this time Brasil becomes very lucky and they get into the quarter final. Brazil should face either Colombia or Uruguay in quarters.

The match had been really very interesting. It was like final match of this tournament. Brasil had many chances to score but they could not. Indeed Chile had played really very good. They also have got many chances but they could not utilize that opportunities.

Thousands of supporters of host teams were available at the stadium. They were little nervous until the match ends. Because the match had not seen in the favor of one team. Both the teams had got equal chance…

How to Show Author Image Beside Every Post Title Of Blog Posts

This time I am going to show you to add author image just beside the every post titles. If you have many author in your blogger or if a blogger has multiple author, this tips can be very useful to them to distinguish the identity of different posts of different author. One author blogs also can use this widget to make their blogger more genuine and reliable from the side of visitors.

I mean if you use this widget, your blogger seems more reliable and this can be a cause of increasing of visitors of your blog. This widget will display your blogger profile image in your every post titles.
Now lets go through the tutorials to add the widget manually.

First Start by Adding CSS to Make Some Style
First go to blogger template->Edit TemplateNow find the code below. press CTRL + F and find
Just add the following code just before the above code.
.avatar-author{float:left;margin-right:9px;border-radius:45%;border:0;height:29px;width:29px;}Second just add the given script ju…

Whole World Searching About The World Cup 2014 in Brasil

As we hear the word world cup, the whole world thinks this is FIFA World Cup. Yeah this is exactly there are most popular tournament is only FIFA World Cup. The world has launched for 13 june 2014. When the world cup started with the opening match of Brasil and Croatia, the world started search about world cup every where in the internet world. Many websites and blogs has been increasing their content specially focused with the news and updates of World Cup.

Now in Google, the most searched word has been the world cup in Brasil. As we know the world cup is most globally connected sport ceremony of the world. So it has been most searched things in the Google search engine. We already know that the world cup will be held till 30 days, so in these 30 days of this year most of the time people are going to watch and read only about soccer or world cup football.  Many bloggers are now trying to connect with their users and they are getting more traffic into their blogs and sites.

In these …

What are Meta Tags, Meta Keywords, Meta Description and Meta Title

Some of our visitors friend asked me about the difference among keywords, descriptions and tags.Some of the people do not know the exact meaning and difference of meta descriptions/descriptions, keywords/meta descriptins and tags.

What are Keywords or Meta Keywords Let to me to clear about one thing that you should know the meta keywords or keywords are not used by the Google andBingto determine the rank of sites an blog but some search engines still use it on its algorithm. So it is not necessary to think about meta keywords. Keywords are not visible in the site.
Meta keywords are same like the meta tags. Meta keywords should be like the meta tags which should seperate by the comma.
What are Tags of a Blog
In blog tags are called as labels and in wordpress it is called as categories which is separated by the commas. It describes a specific post as specific category. In wordpress and blog, they are often place at aside. Tags should place more than 3 in an post or article.
What are De…

HTML 5 Media Tags For Embedding Videos and Audio: Basic HTML

Video and Audio are one of the best way of sharing information to each other. Nowadays video and audio in websites have been almost compulsory. Before inducing the HTML5, putting video and audio in websites is very hard in practical. But when html5 has been induced, it has been too easy to add in websites and blogs. HTML5 has provided its standard for showing the videos in any web document although some of the browser does not support them.

Some browser that support the video element of html5. They are IE(internet explorer) 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera but internet explore 8 and its earlier version do not support it.

Here is a syntax or example of HTML 5 Video Embedding tag:


<title>Video implementation in web document</title>

<h1>This is an example of HTML 5 Video Embedding Tag</h1>

<video height="410"  width="530">
<source src="video.mp4" type="…

Making Private and Specific User's Accessing Blog

In today's scenario, blogger has been very useful, helpful and popular among the students, businessmen, staffs of a office, teachers, and moreover that it also helps in an organization to communicate with each other privately and also publicly. Blogger has been a social media, communication media, home base earning way, and also entertainment tools. There are various causes that  bloggers likes to make their blogs private. It means a blogger can make his/her blog private and can give the access to specific and important users. It can be very suitable for a company. If a company wants to share their
things among their staffs, it can give access to their specific staff and share their things among staffs using blogger private. This time I am publishing my post of making private and giving access to specific users.

How to make a specific access user blog an make private
Blogger gives access anyone your blog by default. Any people can access your blogger through internet if blog rea…