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Wikipedia A Strongest Backlink Source

Hi everybody, in I have not tell many more about HummingBird Algorithm in this blog but I have give a URL of a blog which will definitely help you to understand more of Google HummingBird.

Anyway whether there is HummingBird, Panda and Penguin algorithm but all of them have not made strongest strict to the Backlinks because of its relevancy to the content. So that I always tell all of you to make strongest backlinks which should be relevant with your site's content.

I know you always want to make dofollow backlinks because which helps your site to crawled by the search engines instantly and they also helps your site to get higher page rank. But you know about Wikpedia.Org. which is a great encyclopedia of the world where you can find many more suggestion, answers, question, articles, solution, entertaining factors and many more. And its has got 9 Page Rank by the google.

Nowadays when you search anything in the google, I think most of the time you would have found wikipedia in th…

Google Humming Bird Algorithm

Hello and welcome to our blog today and I am here to tell you some about Google Humming Bird update. Google has already been running in 15 years. Today I am going to describe the hummingbird update which is a new alogrithm by google. This is the latest update of google search engine.It will impact 90% searches worldwide.

You already know that panda and penguin which we have been already discussed in the previous post. But Google has not completely avoided the panda and penguin but some of the changes have been easily made in this algorithm.
Humming Birds Impact on SEO:The new algorithm incorporates manufacture from the old algorithmReal original relevant and useful quality content will matter even moreNo more backlinks  but quality backlinks that match with your content are preferred.Actually Google made updates to its old algorithm 500 and 600 times each year. This is the new algorithm that will continue to have changes.
Have you understood what impacts is taken by the HummingBird A…

How to Remove Spam Comments from Blogger

Hi guys, after long time, I am here to tell you why we should delete the comments of blogger and how to delete them. There are some causes of removing the comments from a blog. If you get this kind of comments in your posts, then you should immediately remove them.

Spam Comment If a comment is spam then it can be a cause that your site rank is not increasing but it is decreasing. Spam comments are very harmful for a blog because if search engines find these comments, then they started decreasing the rank of your comments. 
How to Know a Comment is Spam?If a comment is unrelated with your blog postIf comment is too longIf forceful links are found in a comment Vulgar Comment Some people may not like your blog and post, and they can write vulgar comments and they also can rebuke you and your blogging techniques. If your found these kind of comments, you also must delete them immediately because when other people reads these comment then they also might not like your blog. So this can de…