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How to Add Tabs in Blogger Blog

In fact tabs in the sites and blogs are a way of managing bulk of content in a page easily. Tabs help to manage your bulky content easily. If you have lots of content in a single page then, there become difficulty to the viewers/visitors to read all of them content. Instead if you have put content in tabs then visitors can read all of them clicking tabs one by one.

Here is the step by step process of adding the tabs in the blogger blog's sidebar.
Add Tabs Button in the Sidebar and a single page of Blogger:Step 1: Login to blogger and then go to template and click on edit html. Step 2: Now just find the </head> code just press CTRL+F to find it. Step 3: After finding the </head>, you just put the below code just above it. <script src="">
<script src="">

How to Add Twitter Feeds in Blogger Blog

Hi Friends, after long time I am here and I have brought a tip for you and I think you might have already known after seeing the title. Yes Indeed if you want to show your Twitter twits to show in your blogger, then adding twitter feeds widget can be a right way to do so. Actually, this is not difficult any more if you use twitter before. You just need one twitter account to put twitter feeds into blogger blog.

Adding Twitter Feeds in BloggerStep 1: Login to your twitter account if you are an user otherwise create new.

Step 2: Now go to the Setting>>Widgets
Step 3: Create a new widget. Step 4: Then fill all the necessary things there. Step 5: Now Click Save Button Step 6: Copy the widget code as shown in the figure below from your widget.
Step 7: Go to your blogger and layout>>add widget>>html/javascript. Step 8: Now paste the copied code here in html/javascript widget. Step 9: Save it. 
After completing these above steps, your twitter feeds will definitely appears in your …