Best Tips to Submit a Site in Directories Successfully

Best Tips to Submit a Site in Directories Successfully

Friends, here I say you just submitting into directories can not be affective. It will be affective when your site or blog successfully registered into the high page rank directories. I already told you that directory submission is one of the best trick to increase quality backlinks and this can increase your high traffic. By the way, there are 2 types of directory submission services available in the web and they are automated submission and manual submission.

And on the based on the price there are also two types of directory submission, one is free directory submission and another is paid directory. Free submission is very good but it will be approved after long time and it also can be rejected but paid is approved fast and it is less chance of dissapproved your listing.

Which blogs and sites are Approved:-

  • A complete site.
  • Good looking in the design and fast sites and blogs
  • English Language sites are preferable.
  • If you choose right category of your site while listing on any directory.

Which Blogs and Sites are Dissapproved:-

  • If a site are under construction or not has not been completed.
  • If your site has been already listed in the directory.
  • If your site is not in the english language.
  • If your site has copied content.
  • If your site is a social sites.



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