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Five Most Popular HTML/CSS Frameworks

Custom coding is boring and little bit more difficult than the using of frameworks. So I always say all of my friends and coder friends for using the frameworks in their every project. Using of frameworks are not easy and not so hard but you should analyse that frameworks once and then you will be able to use that frameworks. In the coding world, their are different tips and techniques to minimizing the coding and among them using of framework is one most important thing. Likewise, we often use html/css frameworks to build a website better responsive and even seo friendly. So their are some most important html/css frameworks and if you use them, then you should no longer coding too much. And they are listed below:

Twitter Bootstrap Framework I often use twitter bootstrap framework to build a responsive site and twitter bootstrap is one of the most popular html/css framework nowadays. More than 40% developers who use framework to build a site use twitter bootstrap and the latest versio…

HTML 5 Media Tags For Embedding Videos and Audio: Basic HTML

Video and Audio are one of the best way of sharing information to each other. Nowadays video and audio in websites have been almost compulsory. Before inducing the HTML5, putting video and audio in websites is very hard in practical. But when html5 has been induced, it has been too easy to add in websites and blogs. HTML5 has provided its standard for showing the videos in any web document although some of the browser does not support them.

Some browser that support the video element of html5. They are IE(internet explorer) 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera but internet explore 8 and its earlier version do not support it.

Here is a syntax or example of HTML 5 Video Embedding tag:


<title>Video implementation in web document</title>

<h1>This is an example of HTML 5 Video Embedding Tag</h1>

<video height="410"  width="530">
<source src="video.mp4" type="…

Canvas and SVG graphic Elements Of HTML 5: Basic HTML

Graphics is an art of drawing which combines the images, pictures and colors. Graphics attracts every people. Most of the sites have used graphics in web by using images. But when HTML 5 was induced, there was no need to use the picture, some graphics can be done using HTML 5. Graphics in web can be done using 2 tags <canvas> and <SVG>.
<canvas> Tag:<canvas> tag is often used to draw graphics on any web page. Canvas is a new html 5 elements. You can make color gradient, rectangle, triangle, circle and many vector drawings from the HTML 5. These elements are only supported by the new web browser like IE 9+, opera, Chrome etc. Indeed, canvas defines rectangular area on a web document. Lets see the syntax of use of <canvas>.

<canvas class="canvasimage" width="250" height="250"></canvas>

You should always define width and height attributes of canvas element. If you don't use these two attributes, there can not draw…

Form Attributes of HTML 5

Attributes are like properties that acts some specific funtion in the tag. There are different attributes for different html tags. But today we are going to talk about the form attributes of HTML 5. There is two new form attributes that are induced for html 5.

And input attributes are:
autocomplete, autofocus, formaction, form, formmethod, formenctype, formnovalidate, formtarget, height, width, list, min, max, multiple, pattern, required, placeholder step etc.]

autocomplete attribute:- autocomplete attribute is used to specify whether input field is On for autocomplete the fields or not. It should be noted that autocomplete attribute is on for form but off for the email field. It works with input, form, password, text, datepicker, color and also range. Lets see an example how to use autocomplete attibute in form and form elements.

<form autocomplete="on"  action="radhika.html" name="form">
  Name:<input type="text" n…

How to Stop the Visitor's Flow in Another Sites

Now internet has been a part of our life. So as blogging has been a best way of sharing the knowledge to each other. When you start blogging you seems very interested in blogging but after sometimes when you don't see the viewers on your blogs then you get to be disappointing and you completely stop blogging. This is all happens because often, seo specialist or consultants think that lots of content, keywords, description and title bring lots of visitors on their blogs and websites. But I say this kind of thinking is completely harmful for their sites.

Nowadays there are lots of search engines but more than 70% internet users use the google search engine. Google is most famous and reliable search engine among the internet users. It has been constantly changing its algorithms of searching optimization techniques. So if you think lots of content, keywords, descriptions and title is best way of optimization, it has been totally wrong.

You can see in the given quick and valuable poin…

HTML 5 Semantic Elements Meaning

HTML semantic elements are those elements that describe its meaning to the browser and designer and developer. Unlike the semantic elements non semantic elements does not define any meaning. We can take <div> and <span> as non semantic elements which give or describe nothing to browser and designer or developer.

So <table>, <form> and <img> can be taken as semantic because which clearly define its meaning why they are using and where they should be use. HTML 5 semantics are only supported by the new version of browsers like explorer 9+, safari, chrome etc. Actually html5 is induced to reduce the javascript from the document but it also reduces the unnecessary div.

Most of the existing sites still use <div> tag to create menu, footer, header but html 5 classes them as different tags. Here is the offers of html 5 new semantic elements that define a new different part of web document.


JavaScript Language In HTML: Basic HTML

We will learn more about JavaScript in the next lesson, so here is you only can find the introduction of the javascript and how it is used in html document.

Javascript is client side scripting language which is one of the most important web designing langauge among the html, css and javascript. <script> tag is used to create a script in the html document. Basically javascript is used to manipulate the images, to validate the form and to change the content dynamically. JavaScript only work with HTML and CSS. The given below example can be the best for the basic of javascript.

Actually javascript is very easy language to learn. Nowadays, most of the designers use this language to develop webpages.

Javascript is very powerful language which can change HTML elements and it also can change the attributes of html and css elements. We will give all the examples that are needed for learning all the the html elements change, attributes change, css elements change.

What is HTML 5: Basic HTML

We have already learnt about the HTML. So here we are just going to discuss about the HTML 5 HTML 5 is the most new standard of HTML which induced being cooperation between the 2 company World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the WHATWFG (web hypertext application technology)
w3c and WHATWG both decided to create a new version of HTML, then they create HTML 5. In previous stage there were the version HTML, HTML 4, XHTML. After that HTML 5 was induced to replace the all of them oldies. Indeed. HTML 5 is very useful to the tablet, pc, smartphone etc. There are various advantages of HTML 5. Specially, it reduces the external plugins. It is also used for error handling. HTML 5 developement process is visible for public. New special features or characteristics of HTML 5 are:
<canvas> tag which is used for 2d drawing.It is also supportable in local storage device.There are various specific tags or elements. Such as <article>, <footer>, <header> etc which are completely …

Colors, Colorname and Color values In HTML: Basic HTML

Different colors are defined by different values in the web. Hexadecimal notation is used to define the values when values are defined by the hexa decimal code then that values define a color. We all know that there are 3 primary colors. They are Red, Green and Blue. The highest value of hex FFFFFF defines the white color and the lowest value 000000 defines the black color. Likewise all the colors are defined by different values. The hex values are defined by the 5 digits which start with a # sign.

Some color examples:
#000000 -> Black
#FF0000 -> Red
#0000FF -> Blue
#FFFF00 -> Yellow
#FF00FF -> Pink
#C0C0C0 -> Gray
#FFFFFF -> White

You can see some examples of color code in the above but you should also know that we can make 16 million differet colors using red, blue and green combination from the values 0 to 255. To say that most computers are only capable of displaying almost sixteen thousand three hundred and 4 colors.

You can also give the color by using diffe…

div and span HTML Group Elements: Basic HTML

Basically, there are 2 html group tags in HTML elements. They are <div> and <span>. Div tag creates a section in a document with block level and as same the span tag creates section in html document in inline.

HTML Block Tags/ Elements:- Block Elements are those that occupied all the line that it is staying now. It means it normally starts or ends with new line when it is being displayed in any browser. Some examples are: <p>, <h1>, <table> <div> etc.

HTML Inline Tags/ Elements:- Inline tags displayed in the same line even starting a new tag. <img>, <a>, <span> etc tags are inline tags which don't break the line.
<div> Tag So as HTML block element or tag, <div> is the block tag that is used to define section in html documents which groups all the elements of HTML. Simply it has no meaning but being a block tag it breaks a line before and after it. When it is being used with css, it has lots of attributes. Actually di…

Basic Singular Tags: Basic HTML

In previous post we learnt about the basic text formatting tags. Now this time we here discuss some other significant tags of html which are basics but very important in HTML. We have already known that basically there are 2 tags: Singular and Plural tags. So lets know about some singular tags. As we know, singular tags are those tags which does not have companion and ends with back slash. Some singular tags are:-

Line Break Tag (<br/>): This tag is only used for breaking the line. It breaks the line, then the cursor goes to next line.Horizontal Line Tag (<hr/>): Horizontal Line Tag draws line in the page horizontally. This is also very important tag. Using this tag, you can make your site look beautiful. Some of the attributes of it are width, size, color etc. Image Tag (<img/>): img tag is one of the most important tag. It is used to put the image in the web page. Almost in all of the web page, you can see this tag because without image your site does not look frie…

Text Formatting Tags: Basic HTML

We already knew that in the previous tutorial tags are specific instruction which starts with '<' and end with '>'.  Here we are going to tell you about some of the text formatting tags.
Text formatting tags:- Text formatting tags are those tags which are used to format the text content of webpages.  It means text formatting tags are for formatting the text content of the web page. There are various text formatting tags. Some of the tags are we will discuss bellow:-

Preformatted tags:-
Preformatted tag is that tag which preformats the content written between the tag. When we write the content in between the tag, we can see the content as exactly what have written.
<pre> ........ </pre>

Bold tags:-
Bold tag is used to make specific text bold. When we want to highlight some text, we write bold tag.
There is two type of bold.
<b>......</b> or <strong>.......</strong>
Example:- <b> This is a example of bold tag…