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Facebook Comment Related Queries Which are Frequently Searched in the Internet

Billions of people use Facebook and they always search for new things in facebook. They also want new features as their need. So that frequently there are lots of queries typed in the internet search engines or forums and blogs. There are thousands of facebook questions asked in facebook forums and solved by facebook experts and any other good facebook users who already knew the features of facebook. Generally their question relate to the facebook security, flexibility etc.

Here I have listed some questions about Facebook which are Frequently asked in the internet:
Why My Likes and Comments do not show in the news feed ?How to make post of a group not visible to the public ?How can I make my facebook wall/timeline visible to public ?How to control Facebook Comment post visibility ?How to hide my comments of facebook ?How to control likes and comments of my facebook ?Why my FB wall is hidden to my friends ?How to make my facebook completely invisibile ?Why my facebook comments are invi…