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Difference between Pipe and Fifo

Pipe and Fifo both are IPC (Inter Process Communication) object.
Pipe (IPC Object)Pipe does not have any name unlike Fifo.Pipe is a structure of data which is contained into the memory. It is removed when existing process terminates.Basically, Pipe is used to communicate between 2 or more related processes.If Pipe is already in opened state, then it does not need to be opened.Pipe provides simplex data floweg: pipe(int fd[2]) Fifo (IPC Object)Fifo is also an IPC object, but it has its name.Unlike Pipe, it is a structure of file which is created in disc.It is also used for communication but only between unrelated processes.It should be opened every time when it needs to write and read.Fifo provides half duplex data mkfifo(const char * path_name, mode_t mode)